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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Productivity and Organization Blog? But why?

Welcome to my new blogging home, known as Library Pendragon. My cute name comes largely from a children's book by Carmen Agra Deedy called The Library Dragon. In the book, a school librarian, Miss Lotta Scales, guards the books in the library fiercely: "She kept a fiery eye out to make sure no one removed any books from the shelves.... The very thought of sticky little fingers touching and clutching, pawing and clawing, smearing and tearing her precious books just made her hot under the collar." But in the end, the Library Dragon learns that being a librarian is not about protecting the books, but about sharing them with children.

In that vein, the purpose of my blog here is to talk about how to run libraries and homes in such a way that they can be used, since that is the purpose for which they are designed. As a rather typical librarian, I have a special place in my heart for organized spaces. However, the most beautifully organized space is completely obsolete if it can't be used for its intended purpose. Both in my library and in my home, I strive to make my space user-friendly, organized, and efficient. And I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

This summer, I have really enjoyed getting into blog reading (about 5 years later than the rest of the world), and I have discovered an abundance of blogs covering the topics of organization and productivity. A few of my favorites of these are listed at the end of this post. So, how will my contribution to this arena be unique? In all honesty, it may not be, but until Unclutterer decides to hire me, I need a place to throw my two cents in too.

So, whether you are a friend of mine who would read my blog even if it was about photosynthesis of the deciduous flora of Outer Mongolia, or you are someone I haven't met who has a sick obsession with organization and productivity, welcome.

Here are my ideas for upcoming posts. Leave me some suggestions of posts you'd like to see:
  • review of (crappy) Mint.com on-line budgeting tool
  • thoughts on our vegetable and herb garden
  • the messy/clean debacle of mismatched mates and how to make it work
  • house cleaning schedule that won't make you cry or display avoidance behavior such as sitting in front of the TV eating chocolate
  • my current project: DVD consolidation and organization
  • efficient, effective, and stinkin cool library/school administration using Google products
  • my new and improved laundry room, even without stacking units, thank you very much
  • the spice cabinet wave of the future
  • minimalism for productivity and organization
And as promised, here are some of my favorite blogs on organization and productivity:


Emily said...

I especially like the idea of the spice cabinet wave of the future!

DVD organization in our house is alphabetization by title. It takes up an entire bookshelf... and that's just the movies. The TV shows are on a different set of TWO bookshelves.


Sonja Foust said...

Yay I can't wait! Would love to hear your thoughts on closets and garages, as those are our next projects to tackle. Also, any ideas on seasonal rotation of decor?

Kimberly/lectitans said...

I am especially interested in the librarian end of things, of course. But I also am looking forward to the spice cabinet bit, as my spices are entirely out of hand.

Kimberly/lectitans said...

Also, your very own livejournal feed: